Gotham Spark Athletic Club

Gotham Spark Athletic Club (GSAC) is a USA Track & Field and Amateur Athletic Union track and field club in the Bronx, New York USA. Founded in 2008, GSAC provides opportunity for aspiring and athletically talented individuals to learn and develop towards elite level competition and podium appearances according to a long-term development strategy.

Applicants accepted as Gotham Spark athletes are managed and coached according to multilateral sport performance standards and are held to an extremely high level of accountability.  GSAC aims to guide promising emerging athletes with coaching, coordinated resources and case managed athlete support to continue podium bound development in track and field. Other circumstances that typically affect GSAC’s target population are as follows:

  • Athletes quit sports because of chronic injury and the sport is no longer fun or rewarding for them.
  • There is a lack of guidance and support that integrates life coping strategies within the context of sport for young adult athletes who are under constant pressure.
  • Sports participation is hindered by insufficient access to resources and space caused by gentrification, hyper-inflation’s affect on neighborhood economics, as well as, pay-to-play entry into sport opportunities and facilities.


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  1. Hello! I am a social worker and have a 16 year old client interested in a competitive track club. Please contact me with more details so I can know if Gotham Spark is a good fit for him. Thank you

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